Comparing FLAC header before syncing

Mike Garey random52k at
Mon Dec 1 18:24:48 MST 2014

Hi all, I'd like to modify rsync to add a flag to compare the MD5 signature
of the unencoded audio data in the header of a FLAC file to determine
whether or not to transfer a file.

The reason being that I've got a large number of FLAC files, many of which
are corrupted in the destination volume, but many of which are valid but
the tags have been modified.  The sizes of both the source and destination
files are the exact same, regardless of whether they're corrupted or not.
If I were to rsync all files based on the modification date, it would
overwrite these valid FLAC files whose tags have been altered, which I want
to prevent.  I only want to rsync new files and files whose MD5 signatures
don't match.

If anyone could point me in the right direction of where in the source code
I should concentrate my efforts to add this modification, it would help

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