Cleanest way to find out if it was a --dry-run

Dave Gradwell davegradwell at
Sat Aug 30 17:03:16 MDT 2014

I am trying to determine this from the daemon-side, where the daemon is the receiver to a remote sender.

> you can always use --info=stats (or --stats on an older rsync) to see the trailing stats lines that mentions "(DRY RUN)".
Indeed, it's quite clear at the client-side.

> and some non-official passing of the long (--dry-run) option as well.
It was exactly this sort of thing I was worried about...
Can you elucidate on the 'nonofficial passing' bit?

>  (e.g. /^-[^BefMT]*n/) 
Could you be sure this wouldn't create any false positives?  If the '--dry-run' argument was represented more literally at the daemon side then I would be less worried...

Is there no other way to determine that it was a dry-run more explicitly?

With thanks, Dave.

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