how to get the rsync remote error code at client side

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Tue Aug 26 09:47:52 MDT 2014

I'm trying to use rsync to sync files between my desktop and a file server, 
using my desktop as the client, and the file server as the remote side (or the 
server side, of course), and I'm wondering how I can get the error code of 
the remote/server side at the client side. For example, if the file server is 
out of space, or the server couldn't write to file due to permission problems, 
or any other kinds of errors, how can I (or the client) know?
I read the man page; it lists some error code which doesn't seem relative 
or specific to the remote side. Is there a mechanism that allows the server to 
report an error to the client?
If there is not, how can I add such a mechanism to rsync?
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