meta bug: info on "why" xfer seems no longer available? (3.1.0)

L. A. Walsh rsync at
Mon Aug 11 22:27:20 MDT 2014

Kevin Korb wrote:
> Hash: SHA1
> You want less -v and more --itemize-changes.  --verbose is utterly
> useless without --itemize-changes.
Just remembered to check this group... ;-)

Thanks.... I tried it... most were

Now I'm wondering about this...

hmmm....I dunno if this would be a bug or not (in xfs{d/r})...

The old dir had:
w/user=media and group=media

New dir shows:
(also w/user=media and group=media)...

Most likely the dirs had default acls placed on them at some point, but 
not sure
if that makes sense, as the new ACL would give same access to the file, so
why bother with it?


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