was code added to detect or die on sighup recently?

L. A. Walsh rsync at tlinx.org
Tue Aug 5 00:16:14 MDT 2014

Kevin Korb wrote:
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> Any non-daemon software is supposed to exit (and cleanup) when hit
> with a hangup signal.  Pretty sure it isn't new to rsync.
    But I didn't send it a hangup signal.  By calling snaprun
in a subshell (snaprun "$@" </dev/null &), it spins it off
into a separate process group that doesn't get signaled
unless I specifically address it.

    I did change the invoking script to force
'output_wanted' to true so it would do a tail-f of
the log file to the console so I could monitor it more
easily, but I wouldn't have thought that would have added
any hangup signal.


    FWIW, it is still creating all the empty dirs....

   Oldest Snapshot = Home-2014.08.03-02.05.53.
Rsync with 9 excludes from config file...
rsync took 61m, 9s
Empty-directory removal took 0m, 59s
Create vol. Home-2014.08.03-02.05.53, size 4.5G
Copying diffs to dated static snap...Time: 0m, 6s.

rsync took 61m, 9s to gen 4.5G of diffs to the "diff" volume, then
ran through and removed all empty dirs -- took almost another full
minute!   Then to copy the contents to the target dir took 6s.

(am sure it took longer than 6s, but copy exited after that long).

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