[Bug 10507] Structured Output (for Simpler Parsing)

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Tue Apr 29 15:10:42 MDT 2014


--- Comment #1 from Haravikk <samba at haravikk.com> 2014-04-29 21:10:41 UTC ---
Just wanted to add that simplified parsing of itemised output would be nice
too, and also with awareness for the --progress option, i.e; with itemised
output enabled a single line for each file-list change would be provided, while
with --progress at least one additional line will be provided for each file
transfer indicating current or average speed and time elapsed.

Output for --progress could be periodic, for example every 10 seconds and on
completion, but perhaps this should be configurable, so a script can decide
whether to track progress over time (e.g - to give output to a user) or to
simply wait till its done to record stats.

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