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Mon Apr 28 02:57:55 MDT 2014


I use rsync (3.0.9) to make backups with the link-dest option, so that I
keep daily folders, and I only upload the difference.

However, when a directory is moved somewhere else in the tree, it is fully
Same thing when files are simply renamed, they are re-uploaded, not linked.

First option could be to use --fuzzy twice (migrating to 3.1.0), but I
think that it can be very IO intensive on receiver side, with 20 link-dest
and hundreds of thousands of files in each link-dest.

Second option could be to use the db.diff patch on receiver side.

Several question then on this second option :
- Does this patch have to be compiled on both sides, or only on receiver
side ?
- Can the db.diff patch work with link-dest option ?
- How, like this ? If the file is not found in one of the link-dest (and
only if), then, rsync will try to find it in the database, using its
checksum ?
- Is the checksum the table key, to speed-up the research ?

Is there any third option ?
I see many checksum / link-dest patches in rsync-patches-3.0.9.tar.gz,
anything more efficient than db.diff ?

Thank you very much for your help,

Best regards,

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