[Bug 10532] Rsync fails with older version.

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Sun Apr 27 04:18:02 MDT 2014


--- Comment #3 from Roger Wolff <r.e.wolff at bitwizard.nl> 2014-04-27 10:17:59 UTC ---
My arguments for seeing this as a bug are: 

1) The rsync version of half a year ago /is/ able to communicate with that old
2) The patch comment for the patch that "removed" compatiblity did not mention
that it would break compatiblity. 

3) I encountered this when ubuntu trusty-tahr would not rsync with suse 7.0,
but Saucy Salamander would. Thus the incompatiblity was introduced quite
recent. Having the ability to copy files to and from older systems (real or
virtual) is useful. 

Suppose I saved the disk from an older system and now want to recover the files
from it. Boot an old motherboard with the harddrive and just rsync the files is
very useful. Oh. Just connect the drive to a system and copy the files? Yeah.
Maybe thats sometimes quicker. 

In the case at hand, I had to run some very old software, that wouldn't run on
a more modern distribution. (or at least, I knew it ran on THAT old
distribution, and I managed to "fast-forward" eventually to find the latest
versions that would work.) Getting modern software to compile and run on an
older distribution is troublesome. Try and upgrade a package like SAMBA to the
latest version on a "still supported" LTS release (e.g. Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid Lynx

Now if there is a fundamental issue with the protocol I understand that at one
point you have to break the backwards compatiblity. But in incrementing the
protocol version number from 31 to 32 I don't see a fundamental reason reason
to break protocol V21  compatibilily. It's probably some typo that causes
things to go awry and not a fundamental issue. 

For something like "ssh" I could understand a: "protocol version is too old.
That version has fundamental security issues. Specify --force to force the

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