RFC: slow-down option

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Tue Apr 8 15:15:07 MDT 2014

regarding dynamic slowdown, you may also have a look at:



List:       rsync
Subject:    Re: RFC: slow-down option
From:       Marian Marinov <mm () yuhu ! biz>
Date:       2014-04-03 12:52:53
Message-ID: 533D59A5.4080503 () yuhu ! biz
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On 04/03/2014 02:48 PM, Christoph Biedl wrote:
> Marian Marinov wrote...
> > I've been using rsync on some backup servers for years. In 2011 we
> > had a situation where the FS of the backup server was behaving
> > strange, even thou there was enough available I/O, the fs(ext4 on
> > 16TB partition with a lot of inodes) was lagging. After much testing
> > we found that rsync was hammering the fs too hard.
> I'd like to learn more about that scenario. Mostly, I'm curious
> whether these file transfers involved creation of a *lot* and probably
> rather small files.

The files were *mostly* small files under 10k. We had around 10 concurrent rsyncs \
running at any given time. The fs was build on top of RAID6 array. But unfortunately \
I did not create the journal on separate device and actually  did not left any space \
for separate device for the journal, which in my opinion would help in that \

When I did the patch, I was also thinking about a more dynamic slowdown, one that \
would take into account the size of  the file that was previously transmitted or the \
size of the file that will be transmitted.

> Christoph

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