rsync & gnulib/automake

Tiziano Müller tiziano.mueller at
Tue Sep 24 11:40:09 CEST 2013

Hi everyone

We are using rsync on Windows and despite the efforts by the cygwin and
mingw people it would be nice to see win32 support upstream.

When trying to port the latest version of rsync to Windows (not finished
yet) I started using parts of gnulib [1] for missing headers,
definitions and functions. While gnulib can be used without automake by
generating the headers, copying and manually adding them it seems to be
a lot easier if automake is used for building.


* Would a patch which changes the build system to automake get
* Would the inclusion of gnulib as git submodule (similar to libvirt's
gnulib inclusion) be acceptable?
* Would a patch which makes the rsync-daemon optional get accepted?
(since this is where win32 differs the most and is therefore the
trickiest part to port)

Best regards,


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