Need hint for my question regarding the working of rsync.

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necessarily 11/13/2013 01:04:29 PM, Kevin Korb wrote:
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> Is there a hard links limit?  I have been in the 70-80 million range
> on ext4 without a problem (other than performance which is why I
> switched to ZFS for that use case).

It's a per-file limit

I'm mostly using ext3.  Limit of 32,000.

According to fs/ext4/ext4.h ext4 has a limit of 65,000,
although googling about implies that there's a 16
bit counter somewhere so it could be 65,536.
And if you're getting 70-80 million then
that's obviously wrong.


  for ((i=1;i=$i+1;i<0)); do ln foo foo$i || break; done

I get 65,000.  But I know that's the directory
size limit so this is not necessarily a good test
since all the links are in a single directory.

I tend to hit the hardlink limit on my ext3 fs-s
around 300 --link-dest-ed backups.

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