segfault in 3.1.1dev

Carlos Carvalho carlos at
Fri Nov 1 15:12:29 MDT 2013

Happened again:

Oct 31 15:55:49 sagres kernel: denied resource overstep by requesting 8392704 for RLIMIT_STACK against limit 8388608 for /usr/local/bin/rsync[rsync:80954] uid/euid:1011/1011 gid/egid:1011/1011, parent /usr/local/bin/rsync[rsync:78330] uid/euid:1011/1011 gid/egid:1011/1011
Oct 31 15:55:49 sagres kernel: Segmentation fault occurred at 000003a8d3ddee88 in /usr/local/bin/rsync[rsync:80954]

There seems to be an overflow that's rarely triggered somewhere...

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