[Bug 8838] rsync daemon chooses wrong destination place if space and the module name is part of it

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Mon May 13 01:00:09 MDT 2013


--- Comment #6 from Chris Dunlop <chris at onthe.net.au> 2013-05-13 07:00:07 UTC ---
Apologies, my previous comment was a bit misleading. I meant that I would also
have expected --protect-args to fix the problem you've identified, however, if
the intention is to not affect people relying on the historical usage, you
can't now change the behavior of --protect-args per your 2nd patch, which is
why I suggested perhaps a new flag.

Maybe a good place to start nailing this down would be to create a new test in
testsuite/ which explores the various possibilities, including tests that
demonstrate the historical usage (with and without --protect-args), and tests
that demonstrate the current bug (does it occur in both directions, i.e. when
trying to pick up a file with embedded whitespace?). Then any proposed patch
would need to fix the bug without breaking the historical usage tests.

I should point out that I have no official capacity within the rsync project,
I'm merely an interested observer!

Speaking of "official capacity", Wayne, I see you have assigned this issue to
yourself, do you have an opinion of how this should be resolved?

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