file corruption

anuragmnnit2004 anuragmnnit2004 at
Mon May 6 10:00:31 MDT 2013

Some bytes are zeroed out in the middle of file in backup copy.

Paul Slootman-5 wrote
> On Mon 29 Apr 2013, Kevin Korb wrote:
>> Simply put, if you have something that is screwing with your file data
>> without touching your time stamps then you have been infected with a
>> rootkit.  You should be thanking rsync for not backing up your
> As he's running QNX I don't expect he's infected.
> I've seen some windows programs update files but reset the mtime to the
> original time, this may be the issue if he's running samba, for example.
> We'd need to know what the differences are between the files. If they
> are single bit changes then memory or system bus may be corrupting data.
> If there are localized "real" changes then an application is more likely
> to be the culprit.
> Paul
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