[Bug 7120] Variable bandwidth limit .. bwlimit

devzero at web.de devzero at web.de
Wed Mar 6 15:00:50 MST 2013

or better try pipe viewer. it seems less buggy (kill -SIGUSR1 $PIDOFTHROTTLE doesn't work for me) , has realtime progress and there is a homepage and maintainer ( http://www.ivarch.com/programs/pv.shtml )

linux-rqru:/tmp # cat /tmp/pv-wrapper
pv -L 1000 | "$@"

Adjust Transfer-Rate:


linux-rqru:/tmp # rsync --rsh='/tmp/pv-wrapper ssh' -a /proc root at localhost:/tmp/test
Password:    4 B 0:00:01 [3.68 B/s] [ <=>                                                                                                ]
file has vanished: "/proc/10/exe"
file has vanished: "/proc/10/task/10/exe"
file has vanished: "/proc/11/exe"
file has vanished: "/proc/11/task/11/exe"
file has vanished: "/proc/12/exe"=>                                                                                            ]
4.88kiB 0:00:05 [1002 B/s] [         <=>   


mhh - interesting question......

what about combining the power of throttle ( http://linux.die.net/man/1/throttle ) or similar tools (there are some more like this) with rsync ?

via this hint: http://lists.samba.org/archive/rsync/2006-February/014623.html i got a clue how to combine rsync and throttle and gave it a try :

cat throttle-wrap
throttle -k 1 -s 1| "$@"

rsync --rsh='/tmp/throttle-wrap ssh' -avz /src  user at host:/dest 

seems to work fine for me, but mind that throttle needs -s 1 as this seems to circumvent the buffering problem. 

not sure about the maximum bandwidth you can reach with that and how good you really can adjust the bandwith, so please report your findings......

If that is a useful option, can someone please put this into the bugzilla entry?


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--- Comment #2 from It is me <pdev at mnet-online.de> 2013-03-05 15:15:51 UTC ---
just a note, due to the fact I am also looking forward for this feature.

I see two options regarding usability and scritablility. :)

1# Piping (not used up to now)

mkfifo /tmp/bla
echo "1000" > /tmp/bla

cat /tmp/bla | rsync ... --bwlimit-stdin ...

changing by just write to the fifo
echo "50" > /tmp/bla

2# file and signal

mktemp > /tmp/bla2
echo "1000" > /tmp/bla2
rsync ... -bwlimit-from=/tmp/bla2 .... &
echo "50" > /tmp/bla2
kill -USR1 ${RSYNCPID}

hope the thinking helps.

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