rsync not deleting file (which was hard linked)

Matthias Schniedermeyer ms at
Sat Mar 2 13:52:19 MST 2013

On 02.03.2013 13:14, Eric Shubert wrote:
> I have a situation that I think might be a bug, but would like
> someone else to have a look at before I create a report.


>       "$source"/* \

As far as i know rsync, this is your error.

Ignoring the current-directory you rsync a bunch of files.
IIRC rsync doesn't delete files on the commandline, only files missing 
in a directory.

Personally i nearly always sync complete directories.
rsync -av source-dir/ target-dir/
(Notice the slashes at the end)
That what is very easy to understand and works "unsurprising".



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