Support for CACHEDIR.TAG excludes?

Christoph Biedl cbiedl at
Mon Jun 17 13:29:43 MDT 2013

Francis.Montagnac at wrote...

> You can achieve that already with the -F option of rsync. Create a
> .rsync-filter file in the directories you want with the following
> content:
> + .rsync-filter
> - *

Close enough for my needs. Initially I had some trouble getting this
to work, especially when running against an rsyncd. Until I tried to
create a reproducer for a bug report, now everything works fine.
Reverse Schrödinbug, I guess.

> The first rule is useful in case of a full restore from the backup
> to keep track of the directories you want to exclude.

You know what I want :-)

Thanks for your help,


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