Adding arguments to the options

Ajay Tanpure ajaytanpure92 at
Mon Jun 3 11:33:58 MDT 2013

     I am developing an application which uses the Rsync. I have added an
option for HTTPS in rsync code like '-v' for "--verbose".

But now I want to make that option to take the arguments. For that in
options.c file, I have added the entry in the array of structure as,

> static struct poptOption long_options[] = {
> /* longName, shortName, argInfo, argPtr, value, descrip, argDesc */
> {"xxxx", 'x', xxxxxxx, x, xxxxx, x, x},
> {"https", 'N', POPT_ARG_VAL, &https_port
> _s
> , 0, 0, 0}}  

So for getting the value of the argument of option in the https_port_s,
I have just added one switch case with case as 'N', Is it automatically
copy the value of option argument in the variable https_port_s?
I am getting any value in https_port_s?

But at the time of sending these options with arguments on the remote side
as a part of ssh command to invoke rsync. eg rsync --server -Dtplrze31.14Ls
. /home/ajay/Desktop/,

How should the option arguments be passed?
Is it like  rsync --server n=1234 -Dtplrze31.14Ls . /home/ajay/Desktop/  ?

Thank you.
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