--fake-super locally?

Grant emailgrant at gmail.com
Sun Jul 21 12:57:45 MDT 2013

> Use getfattr not getfacl.

It still looks like the attributes aren't being written:

# rsync --fake-super source/test destination/test
# getfattr source/test ; getfattr destination/test

> Also, user_xattr is a mount option not a kernel boot option.

Yes, I should have said I mounted with user_xattr.

- Grant

>>>> Can I somehow use --fake-super or something similar to save the
>>>> original ownership info to ACLs?
>>> Sure, should work fine. Keep in mind that --fake-super affects
>>> both sides of a local transfer unless you take steps to isolate
>>> the option.  From the manpage for 3.0.x:
>>> Since there is only one "side" in a local copy, this option
>>> affects both the sending and receiving of files.  You’ll need to
>>> specify a copy using "localhost" if you need to avoid this,
>>> possibly using the "lsh" shell script (from the support
>>> directory) as a substitute for an actual remote shell (see
>>> --rsh).  This option is overridden by both --super and
>>> --no-super.
>>> From the manpage for 3.1.0 (note that -M (--remote-option) is
>>> also a diff for 3.0.x):
>>> For a local copy, this option affects both the source and the
>>> destination. If you wish a local copy to enable this option just
>>> for the destination files, specify -M--fake-super.  If you wish a
>>> local copy to enable this option just for the source files,
>>> combine --fake-super with -M--super.
>> Does this mean that if I rsync --fake-super files on a local
>> machine, an ACL will be written to the destination files and the
>> source files? If so I should upgrade to 3.1 so I can use
>> -M--fake-super.
>> I tested this:
>> rsync --fake-super -a source/test destination/test
>> but I think this means the ACL is not being written:
>> # getfacl destination/test # file: destination/test # owner: root #
>> group: root user::rw- group::r-- other::r--
>> What could I have done wrong?  I enabled ext3 ACL extended
>> attributes in the kernel and booted with user_xattr.
>> - Grant

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