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It kinda depends on whether you mean the TCP connection or a
networking link connection somewhere in the middle.  If the TCP
connection breaks rsync will fail the instant it tries to use the
connection again.  If connectivity is lost (such as the ethernet being
unplugged) the TCP connection will stall until the kernel decides to
close it.  Then the TCP connection will be broken and rsync will fail
the instant it tries to use it assuming it isn't already trying.

On 07/12/13 17:58, Wayne Davison wrote:
> On Mon, Jul 1, 2013 at 4:23 AM, garvit sharma <garvits45 at 
> <mailto:garvits45 at>> wrote:
> please tell me for what time will rsync wait if the connection 
> breaks during the file transfer ??
> Rsync shouldn't wait any amount of time on a connection break, but
> it only notices if it does a read or write on the pipe/socket and
> gets a failure.  If, for instance, it's still connected to your
> remote shell process via a pipe (perhaps that process hasn't failed
> yet?) then rsync will wait around for that pipe to close down
> before it would get an error.  The --timeout option just puts a
> limit on how long rsync will wait around with nothing happening on
> the socket.
> ..wayne..

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