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Kevin Korb kmk at
Sun Jul 7 10:56:06 MDT 2013

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OK, I didn't notice the * at the beginning of the command.  Yes, when
I look at your original message I see a bolded command.  I got the
stars when I replied because my thunderbird is configured to always
compose in plain text unless I tell it otherwise and that was how it
chose to translate bold.

On 07/07/13 12:52, Joe wrote:
> FYI: In my email program (Thunderbird), the original rsync command
> in this post shows up in bold (from * command *) and the asterisks
> are not shown. They are not part of the command itself.
> Joe
> On 07/07/2013 02:41 AM, Kevin Korb wrote:
>> --delete and --files-from don't work together.
>> --files-from is for specifying an exact list of what to copy. 
>> Therefore there can't be anything to delete because there is
>> nothing it looks at other than the specified list.
>> Also, never ever use "dest/*"  Your shell will expand that to a
>> list of everything that matches "dest/*" and rsync will think you
>> are specifying a bunch of additional sources with the very last
>> one being the target.  Nothing good will happen.
>> On 07/07/13 02:33, Garvit Sharma wrote:
>>> Hello All,
>>> *rsync -av --files-from=FILE --delete-before src/ dest/*
>>> the above mentioned command not working. I want to delete
>>> extra files on the dest that are not on the source and
>>> transferring the selected files from FILE simultaneously.
>>> Please suggest me how to do that ??
>>> -- Regards
>>> Garvit Sharma Computer Science and Engineering UG Third year
>>> LNM IIT, Jaipur
>>> /No Body is a Scholar by birth, its only hard work and strong 
>>> determination that makes him master./ / /

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