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Hi Grant,

>I couldn't agree more.  May I suggest that the man page make reference to
>this feature under --include-from and --exclude-from ?

It does, but you have to read the man page from top to bottom.  As with
all man pages, there's a trade off between repetition and useful

The man page states

This option is a simplified form  of  the  --filter option  that  defaults 
to an exclude rule and does not allow the full rule-parsing  syntax  of 
normal filter rules ...


This option is related to the --exclude option, but itspecifies a FILE
that contains exclude patterns ...

The include options are documented similarly.

>> I also added a -i (--itemize-changes) because I am trying to generate
>> a habit of always pairing it with -v since -v isn't all that useful

FWIW, I always use -i and only use -v when debugging.


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