wildcards and nested files

Grant emailgrant at gmail.com
Wed Jul 3 03:48:22 MDT 2013

>>> These are both specializations of the generic --filter='merge filters.txt'
>>> filter option.  See the rsync man page for the gory details.
>> That's a great feature and I think it should be referenced in some way
>> under --include-from and --exclude-from in man rsync.
> This is almost already the case: just above in the --include /
> --exclude options details.
> Ex:
>    --include=PATTERN
>           This  option  is  a  simplified form of the --filter option that
>           defaults to  an  include  rule  and  does  not  allow  the  full
>           rule-parsing syntax of normal filter rules.
>           See  the  FILTER  RULES section for detailed information on this
>           option.
>    --include-from=FILE
>           This option is related to the --include option, but it specifies
>           a  FILE  that  contains  include patterns (one per line).  Blank
>           lines in the file  and  lines  starting  with  ';'  or  '#'  are
>           ignored.   If  FILE  is  -,  the list will be read from standard
>           input.

I suppose a man page is a pretty cut-and-dried affair.  I guess this
is one for the bloggers.

- Grant

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