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Kevin Korb kmk at sanitarium.net
Tue Jul 2 13:31:22 MDT 2013

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On 07/02/13 15:25, Grant wrote:
>> Anyways, the other way to do what you are asking is: rsync -azvi
>> --exclude-from=excludes.txt --delete --delete-excluded / 
>> user at hostname:
>> excludes.txt: + / + /etc + /etc/** + /home + /home/*/ +
>> /home/*/.maildir/ + /home/*/.maildir/** - - *
> So the includes are in excludes.txt prefixed with "+ " and the 
> excludes are prefixed with "- - "?

I am not sure where the second - came from.  That line should have
been "- *" as in exclude everything that I didn't explicitly include
previously (order matters).  I find it much easier to list both in a
single file rather than using two since order is so important.
Especially if you have multiple sets of includes and excludes.

> If I want to rsync the /var/lib/portage/world file I should add
> the following to excludes.txt?
> + /var + /var/lib + /var/lib/portage + /var/lib/portage/world

Correct.  Before the - *

> Also I think --delete-excluded implies --delete.

It probably does.  I didn't look.

I also added a -i (--itemize-changes) because I am trying to generate
a habit of always pairing it with -v since -v isn't all that useful
without it.

> - Grant

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