wildcards and nested files

Grant emailgrant at gmail.com
Tue Jul 2 12:24:06 MDT 2013

> rsync -aRzv /etc /home/*/.maildir rsyncuser at hostname:

I'd actually like to use --files-from so it's easier to manage and
--files-from doesn't support wildcards.  That's why it gets so messy.

- Grant

>> I'm trying to use wildcards and nested files and I think there must
>> be a better way than what I'm doing.  If I want to copy only these
>> two directories:
>> /etc /home/*/.maildir
>> Is this the best way to do it:
>> rsync -arzv --delete-excluded --files-from 'files-from.txt'
>> --include-from 'include-from.txt' --exclude-from 'exclude-from.txt'
>> / rsyncuser at hostname:
>> files-from.txt: /etc
>> include-from.txt: /home /home/* /home/*/.maildir
>> exclude-from.txt: /home/*/*

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