rsync won't hit the target

Grant emailgrant at
Tue Jul 2 05:49:28 MDT 2013

> 1  Why not just: rsync -avz --delete /etc/
> user at hostname:/home/user/backup/etc/

Thanks, I switched it.

> 2  Check to see if the user is forced into rrsync on the remote in
> their ~/.ssh/authorized_keys or /etc/sshd_config or as their shell in
> /etc/passwd

That was it.  The path specified on the command in authorized_keys was
forcing the files into a certain directory.

- Grant

> I'm trying to get rsync to copy some files across the network to a
>> particular folder, but it always drops them in the user's home
>> directory and changes the folder permissions of the home directory
>> from drwxr-x--- to drwxr-xr-x.  Can anyone tell me how to fix
>> these problems?  I'm using rsync like this:
>> rsync -avz --delete --include '/etc' --exclude '/*' /
>> user at hostname:/home/user/backup/
>> - Grant

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