rsync with aging

LuKreme kremels at
Wed Jan 30 18:13:36 MST 2013

On 29 Jan 2013, at 18:01 , LuKreme <kremels at> wrote:

> On 29 Jan 2013, at 17:12 , Kevin Korb <kmk at> wrote:
>> find /server -type f -mtime +30 -exec mv -v {} /archive/ \;
>> cd /archive ; find . -type f -exec rm -v /server/{} \;
> Ah… OK, that is an interesting idea I've never considered, and no rsync involved.
> Thanks!

Ah, this does not work as files that are on /server/some/path they end up at /archive/ and not /archive/some/path.

I need to preserver the directory structure on server and duplicate it to target.

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