--compare-dest -- copy ONLY files with content-differences between 2 directories... to a third

Kevin Korb kmk at sanitarium.net
Tue Jan 29 16:01:03 MST 2013

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With -a you are telling rsync to copy the timestamp difference.  It
can't set a timestamp on nothing.

On 01/29/13 17:58, John Reye wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm having trouble with --compare-dest, to copy only files that
> differ in content.
> Here are the commands used thusfar: rsync -av  --checksum --delete
> --progress --stats --compare-dest=../old new/ new_archive rsync -av
> --checksum --delete  --progress --stats --compare-dest=../new old/
> old_archive
> old/ a.txt
> new/ a.txt
> Note: both a.txt are the same (except for a different timestamp). 
> a.txt contains just 2 characters: 'a' and '\n'
> Now the problem: In the output I see a.txt get copied!!! 
> old_archive/ a.txt
> new_archive/ a.txt
> I do NOT want this! Why is a.txt getting copied, when it is
> identical in its content?
> Please can you help, so that only files that DIFFER IN CONTENT
> ONLY... get copied.
> Thanks. John

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