list free space via rsyncd ?

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Mon Jan 28 17:37:11 MST 2013

>if you have a backup server with rsync running in daemon mode - is there a way
>for a client to obtain information about free diskspace via rsync?

Create a cron job on the server that builds a file with the available
disk space, output to a file under one of the read-only modules.  Then
your client(s) may read that file via rsync.  Even better, allow a tcpmux
service to just output the usage in real-tme.  This helps avoid races where
all the clients think there is lots of avaliable space.

I use RFC1078 services for anonymous, read-only, real-time data services
because they are super cheap, and sys admin can code them as shell scripts
or perl programs.  If you need code examples, reply to me.

--ksb at

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