rsync in conjunction with the --link-dest option does not output deleted files

Maik Meier maik at
Tue Jan 8 04:53:39 MST 2013

But I thought rsync tells me all modifications from "source" to
"backup_new". I just want to write this information into a log-file. I
know that the file, that is deleted in "source" is not deleted
physically after rsyncing, because it still exists in backup_old. But
the interesting information to me would be: what has changed from
"source" to "backup_new"? It seems that rsync does not output this
information. Is the only solution to write a own script which compares
"source" and "backup_old" to determine the deleted files before
rsyncing? I am wondering about this.


------- Original Message from Matthias Schniedermeyer -------
> On 08.01.2013 12:23, Maik Meier wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I want to use rsync to make daily backups using hard-links in this way:
>> rsync -av --delete --link-dest=../backup_old ./source/. ./backup_new
>> Does someone know if this a bug, or ist this intended to be or am I
>> wrong somethere?
> I would think it is intented.
> Technically you don't have anything to delete as you are creating 
> something new and a "deleted" file just means that you don't have to 
> link or copy it.

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