question about rsync batch operation

Jason Keltz jas at
Thu Feb 21 15:11:38 MST 2013


I have a question about the use of the rsync batch capability with 
--read-batch and --write-batch/--only-write-batch.
On my rsync server, where I am running rsync in daemon mode, I make a 
tree available to my client.
The client has rsynced the entire tree from the server.  So far, so good...
Now, it's the next day, and the copy on the server has changed.
On the client, I want to use "--only-write-batch" to store the changes 
locally first (because I'll be installing those changes to a bunch of 
other machines -- the "client" here is the "server" for the other 
machines), but when I try this, I get a message from rsync that it's 
trying to write to a read only filesystem...
The copy of the data on the *server* is read only of course...
As far as I understand, even though rsync is running on the client, the 
server is trying to write the batch file locally? If I'm right, is there 
any way to tell the client to store the copy of the changes, and not the 
server?  (In addition, is there an option to tell rsync not write the 
helper ""?)

Thanks for any assistance you can provide!


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