syntax of a local Windows path

Peter Rolf indiego at
Mon Feb 18 13:06:24 MST 2013


We want to migrate from a cygwin based rsync to a MingW based version.
'rsync' is used here to install/update a complete TeX tree
from a remote server to a local PC.

On Windows based machines the destination is currently something like


What is the correct way to do the same with the MingW version?
I've tried some options, but I'm not quite sure, what is the correct
syntax here.

1.    /c/<path_to_directory>
2.    /c:/<path_to_directory>
3.    '--files-from' should work too, but is a bit cumbersome

My preferred solution would be the first (without colon). Is this ok to
use? I couldn't find a satisfying answer in the documentation or the
archive and I have to be sure about this.


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