Rsync not preserving file permissions of ACL files from solaris to Linux

Mathew, Balu Balu.Mathew at
Fri Feb 8 14:31:34 MST 2013


I am facing a strange rsync issue when I am syncing files from a solaris->linux. The rsync is not preserving the file permissions [ owner,group,world ] for files which has ACL's defined om it.
The permissions of the file in the target Linux server is getting appended somehow in the Linux.
Source machine:   SunOS Solaris 5.9
                                    Rsync version 3.0.2  protocol version 30
Target Machine:   Linux x86_64 Oracle Enterprise Linux 5x
                                    Rsync version 3.0.6  protocol version 30
MY rsync command- run  from Solaris:
rsync -arvipAH  $Solaris_Source $linux_Target

For eg:  I have synced a file  with permission [---r-----+ ] solaris-> Linux, and it is copied as [ ---rw----+ ] in Linux target. The umask for user and directory are set identical to source.

I am not facing the same issue if I rsync from Linux to Solaris it copied the file as it is. I am running the rsync command from solaris machine in both the cases. I have ran the command from Linux to Linux, it worked fine.


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