Jason Haar Jason_Haar at
Sun Feb 3 19:45:47 MST 2013

Another good reason for a SSL-version of rsync: non-Unix clients...

It's all well and good to talk about using vpns and ssh tunnels - but
the fact is that a large percentage of rsync clients are non-Unix - like
Windows - and getting them set up for ssh/etc is layering extra software
on top of rsync. I'm not saying it can't work  - but it's not simple.

I'd love to see rsync-ssl (with the server having CRL support, client
cert support, and the client/server doing cert validation of course) as
for one thing I think it would make a damn fine laptop backup solution.
I've run more than my share of Internet-facing services in my time and
the lowest maintenance ones are the SSL/TLS services that require client
certs. The bad guys cannot even "knock on the door"!

An Internet-based rsync-ssl server that requires client certs would be
brilliant for backing up laptops over the Internet: an enterprise
competitor to all those cloudy services such as Dropbox/etc. :-) [well,
probably need that VSS patch for rsync-win32 too ;-)]


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