Question about rsyncing to a slightly different folder structure on target

Charles Marcus CMarcus at
Tue Dec 31 04:59:27 MST 2013

Hi all,

Ok, if this isn't possible with some kind of wildcard, I can adjust the 
target manually, but if I can just modify the command to allow for the 
different folder structure on the target, I'd rather do that.

I'm incrementally rsync'ing my mailstore from the old server to the new 
server, doing testing along the way.

The command I'm currently using is:

rsync -rltgovDHP --delete --delete-excluded --exclude-from 
'/path/to/excludes.txt' /mnt/oldvmail/ /var/vmail/

On the old server, dovecot is configured to just use 
.../ for the maildirs.

On the target server, I want to change this to .../

Is there a way to modify the above command, so that rsync automatically 
syncs what is currently in .../ to 
.../ using wildcards or something?



Best regards,

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