Ignoring permission differences...

Charles Marcus CMarcus at Media-Brokers.com
Sun Dec 22 12:58:53 MST 2013

Hi all,

Ok, since 3.1 still isn't in stable, I'm curious if I can just find the 
equivalent of:

rsync -avHP --delete --exclude-from '/home/user/excludes.txt' 
/mnt/example.com/ /var/vmail/example.com/

But that will ignore differences in permissions - ie, won't recopy 
everything, just because the permissions on the source are different 
from the permissions on the target...

So, would this just be:

rsync -rltgovDHP --delete --exclude-from '/home/user/excludes.txt' 
/mnt/example.com/ /var/vmail/example.com/




Best regards,

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