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Charles Marcus CMarcus at
Sun Dec 8 12:11:44 MST 2013

On 2013-12-08 11:38 AM, Charles Marcus <CMarcus at> wrote:
> 3. Copy current /usr to temp directory
> rsync -avHP --numeric-ids /usr//tmp-usr/ 

Decided to use rsync, and have a question...

Why, after rsync'ing /usr to /tmp-usr, do the sizes differ?

  # du -h --max-depth=0 /usr
3.5G    /usr


  # du -h --max-depth=0 /tmp-usr
3.7G    /tmp-usr

Is that because of the different filesystems (ext4 on / and reiserfs on 
/usr) maybe?

Is there a simple way to get the total # of files and directories for 
comparison, like you can in Windows when getting properties of a folder?


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