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Charles Marcus CMarcus at
Sun Dec 8 09:38:26 MST 2013

On 2013-12-04 3:43 AM, Linda Walsh <rsync at> wrote:
> I'd do it with the system *up*, and, as someone else suggested, copy
> /usr to /usr.tmp (assuming you are moving from /usr to the root fs.
> For that matter, is there a reason not to give "cp" a try"
> mkdir /usr.tmp && cp -ax /usr/. /usr.tmp/. 

Ok, so, after much googling and reading and digesting the responses here 
and on the gentoo list,
I've decided that it is going to be much simpler than I initially 
thought, and hopefully totally painless.

What I'm planning on doing is simply:

1. cd /

2. mkdir /tmp-usr

3. Copy current /usr to temp directory

cp -ax /usr/. /tmp-usr/.
rsync -avHP --numeric-ids /usr//tmp-usr/

4. Reboot into single user mode

5. Confirm /usr is empty (since it isn't mounted), then

6. rm -r /usr

7. mv tmp-usr usr

8. mkdir old-usr

8. edit /etc/fstab, comment out this line:

#/dev/vg/usr            /usr            reiserfs noatime         0 0

9. Reboot

Hopefully everything comes up and just works... :)

Thanks to all


Best regards,

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