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Sat Dec 7 12:10:37 MST 2013

On Sat, Dec 07, 2013 at 10:34:16AM -0500, Charles Marcus wrote:
> On 2013-12-07 10:16 AM, Kevin Korb <kmk at> wrote:
> >The only way cp is going to corrupt files is if you have bad RAM in
> >the system and in that case rsync probably will too.
> I said that this person said that cp will silently copy CORRUPTED
> files, not that it will silently CORRUPT files during the copy
> process.
> Meaning - if a file is already corrupted, cp will silently copy it
> without complaint, but rsync won't.
> Again, this is just what someone on the gentoo list claimed.

If the file is already corrupted before copying I don't see any reason
why rsync would do anything different than cp.

The advantage of rsync over cp is you save time if you do an other
synchronisation when booted with the live-CD.

In that case rsync could check the if the files are the same and could
fix the data on the new location if that was corrupted. But rsync does
not do that by default, by default it tries to sycn as fast as possible.

If you want to check the data, you need -c I believe.

When you do a sync, don't forget to add --delete as well to remove files
that existed the first time but you want to remove the second time.

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