Moving/merging a filesystem back into /

Charles Marcus CMarcus at
Sat Dec 7 08:14:00 MST 2013

On 2013-12-05 12:03 AM, Linda Walsh <rsync at> wrote:
> For a one time copy... 'cp' should work fine... 

Except that someone on the gentoo list claims that cp will silently copy 
corrupted files, but rsync will not... which is a pretty good reason to 
use rsync over cp (I was looking for specific reasons why to use one 
over the other)...

Anyway, I'm thinking now that the 'best of both worlds' might be to do 
the cp first on the live system, then boot into single user mode (is it 
safe to change the /usr mount point/location when in single user mode?), 
then do a quick rsync, which should then identify any corrupt files ... ?


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