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Charles Marcus CMarcus at
Wed Dec 4 05:01:35 MST 2013

On 2013-12-04 3:43 AM, Linda Walsh <rsync at> wrote:
> For that matter, is there a reason not to give "cp" a try"
> mkdir /usr.tmp && cp -ax /usr/. /usr.tmp/.
> I guarantee it will be faster than rsync.  That or star -- if you want
> to know options, I'd have to reread the manpage, way too much to
> remember.

Thanks Linda... I was initially planning on using cp for this, but 
someone on the gentoo list convinced me that rsync was better (not sure 
why now)...

So the above (cp -ax) will make an identical copy of /usr, preserving 
all permissions and links (this is important, because I have a limited 
amount of space on / for this - enough for the current /usr, as long as 
all hard links are preserved).

> For the purpose you are stating, copying all of /usr using "cp"
> or "star" would be better.
> If you have other things mounted on /usr

Nothing else mounted on/under /usr...

But... what exactly is meant by the -x switch ('stay on same filesystem')?

Currently /usr is on a reiserfs formatted LVM partition, and / is ext3 
on a regular partition on a hardware RAID mirrored pair...

Thanks again...


Best regards,

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