symlink in -R src_dirlist and real dirs on target

- lopiuh at
Mon Dec 2 15:01:06 MST 2013

> Hmmm, I am not sure this is possible.  If you specify a source that no
> longer exists rsync will error.  If you don't specify the source then
> rsync will not apply --delete to it on the target.  You could always
> leave it as an empty directory and rsync would empty it on the target.
ok, I investigate something similar to mountbind so I could use parrentdir
of my dirs as rsync's source-dir.

> >> thanks. I'll try this again. I did before but got the impression
> >> that on subsequent runs, rsync would not recursivly run through
> >> dir1 and dir2. I hope I just was very tired ;-)

ha got it, my fault was option -x so only first hierarchy got synced (my
symlinks where on another filesystem than the symlink target)

Kevin you made my evening ;->

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