need help with an rsync patch

Sherin A sherinmon at
Tue Aug 27 21:14:21 MDT 2013

On Wednesday 28 August 2013 08:36 AM, Kevin Korb wrote:
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> Only when you choose to force a completely unnecessary chown between
> the backup and restore process.
> On 08/27/13 23:03, Sherin A wrote:
>> On Wednesday 28 August 2013 04:14 AM, Kevin Korb wrote: My opinion
>> on backups is pretty simplistic.  If a restore of my backup doesn't
>> bring me back to what I had when I backed up then I don't have a
>> backup.
>> If I have to restore something and the relationship between files
>> that were hard linked in the past is lost that might not be
>> something that I even notice immediately.  Maybe not until the file
>> is changed and now there are 2 versions of it in different places
>> since the relationship is gone.
>> Either way, not backing up the hard link relationships duplicates
>> data on both the backup and on any potential restore.
>> But even more importantly, the original question was about
>> excluding all files with linkcount>1 from backups.  That means that
>> any file important enough to have in more than one place would in
>> fact never be backed up at all.  That is crazy.
>> On 08/27/13 18:37, Henri Shustak wrote:
>>>>>> The solution is not to refuse to backup any file that is a
>>>>>> hard link. There are legitimate reasons to have hard links
>>>>>> and ignoring them means you aren't backing up everything.
>>>>> I agree that preserving hard links may be important in some
>>>>> situation. There are certainly legitimate reasons to preserve
>>>>> hard links within a backup.
>>>>> To more than a couple of years I have been weighing up the
>>>>> advantages and disadvantages relating to including a hard
>>>>> link preservation support within LBackup. The latest alpha
>>>>> build of LBackup now includes support for hard link
>>>>> preservation.
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>> This is not crazy. Why a privileged user need to create multilevel
>> hard links . This issue has been approved by secunia security
>> community. Hope they will report it as a  vulnerability , because
>> this POC has been exploited successfully  and it is affected by all
>> software that  use rsync as a backup  and restore  tool.
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  That is right , but no one give  root ownerships for a local users 
files in any situation, it must be need to chown , And no one like to 
store the backups over internet under a remote  privileged ( root) users 
account.  This only affect production servers, for personal users  there 
is no such thret for rsync.

Sherin A

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