Fwd: Re: need help with an rsync patch

Justin T Pryzby justinp at norchemlab.com
Tue Aug 13 10:54:59 MDT 2013

On Tue, Aug 13, 2013 at 10:10:04PM +0530, Sherin A wrote:
> I am  doing rsync from  root at  to
> storageuser at  over ssh (no
> role for -H)
Why not rsync from root to root?  Or use the rsync protocol (not over
ssh).  Note that you can use -H with ssh just as well; running "over
ssh" just launches a pipe to rsync command over an ssh connection,
rather than connecting to an rsync daemon listening over socket.

> PS : if any one interested in making a patch with an additional
> option for rsync for  excluding hardlinks with   -links +1 links ,
> please help me , it is easy to  check the file  with an lstat / stat
> system call. Or  is it possible to get a developer documentation for
> rsync with the detailed info ?
You could do that with --exclude, but first, think about the
implications of that.  Your users could make hardlinks to system
files and those owned by other users files (which they can stat) and
that would cause rsync to avoid backing up those files (by either
name, since link count is shared between all links, of course).


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