Fwd: Re: need help with an rsync patch

Matthias Schniedermeyer ms at citd.de
Tue Aug 13 09:26:59 MDT 2013

On 13.08.2013 20:44, Sherin A wrote:
> On Tuesday 13 August 2013 05:50 PM, Paul Slootman wrote:
> >On Tue 13 Aug 2013, Matthias Schniedermeyer wrote:
> >>BUT there is no direct vulnerability in that, only processes after that
> >>(like backup/rsync) can make a vulnerability out of it.
> >... which is what I already wrote.
> >
> >
> >Paul
> So the solutions is to upgrade the kernel to 3.6  in all Operating
> systems installations. ?  If it is one server  , then it  was a
> solution.  Is it possible to add a flag to exclude hard inks of
> regular file instead of waiting the OS vendors for updating there
> kernel  to 3.6

The other solution, if possible, is using separate 

As hardlinks only work inside a single filesystem, if you can 
separate different things you significantly reduce the problematic 
The described "problem" with /etc/shadow can be prevented by that, if 
the file isn't on the same filesytem, it can't be hardlinked.

The advantage of this solution is that it workes for (all) older 



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