Large exclude list

Mirek Lauš mirek at
Wed Aug 7 01:00:15 MDT 2013

>> Le 11 juil. 2013 à 15:37, Mirek Lauš <mirek at> a écrit :
>>> Hi,
>>> I'm facing problems with rsync using very large exclude-from list (around 780k lines,
>>> 32MB in size). Clients reads whole exclude list, then the sender receives the exclude
>>> rules but is stuck at around line 32k ... Can you point me what to look out?
>>> What information would be useful to find the issue?
>> Hi,
>> Don't you timeout while receiver side is processing the exclude list ?
>> Did you try to increase timeout values (on both sides) ?
>> Ben

> I tried to increase the timeout but no luck.
> Well, if the timeout came into play, wouldn't it just quit and tell that the timeout was reached?
> In my situation, client reads whole exclude list (about 780000 rules), the sender side starts to
> receive the exclude rules, but just hangs at about 32000 rules read ... both rsync sides then hangs
> and seems to do nothing.
> -ml

Nobody please?

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