[Bug 9814] --cache parameter for storing recent file data

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Thu Apr 18 13:42:14 MDT 2013


--- Comment #1 from Haravikk <me at haravikk.com> 2013-04-18 19:42:14 UTC ---
I just wanted to add that I mean caching in a fairly broad sense, rather than
simply caching of checksums alone.

My main concern is the seemingly vast difference in speed between OS X's Time
Machine and rsync; I think Time Machine uses a Spotlight database to compare
the source and destination, and while I know rsync is fundamentally stateless,
so probably shouldn't try to hook into anything quite like that, it should
really be able to use some kind of cache to accelerate its comparison.

A possibility would be to allow creation of an SQLite database containing
details of all files copied to a destination (and conversely another in the
source to record everything that was copied from that location). These can then
be used for accelerated lookups. If rsync could then hook into common systems
such as Spotlight and equivalents then it could avoid having to manage a
database of its own at one or both ends.

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