(--delay-updates and --partial) re-hashing the already downloaded files?

John Pierman haqthat at gmail.com
Wed Apr 17 14:40:12 MDT 2013

I am backing up a LARGE data set, over a very unstable internet connection.

I NEED to --delay-updates, because I do a flash cut-over once everything
has transferred.
    Yes I know --copy-dest does this, but if the connection breaks,
anything that's already made it over gets put into place (not what I want),
I need it to go from beginning to end, And then I handle the files

If I use --partial and --delay-updates together (I get the desired effect,
and all is well)......EXCEPT for.....

Let's say I have 10k files
I start my rsync and get through 2k files and the internet connection is

Everything is fine, my partial files are safe, nothing has been moved into
place yet, I'm happy.

So I restart rsync (well a script does once the internet comes back).
   Here is where I get unwanted behavior.
This rsync run LOOKS like it is starting from the beginning (transferring
those first 2k files INSANELY fast if you look at --progress), which I
realize it's not really TRANSFERRING anything but it's CHECKING all my
partial files that haven't been put into place yet.

The problem is, my connection is dog slow and unreliable (I can't change
If the connection drops frequently I'm basically spending too much time
(re-hashing?) those files I already have, and not picking up where I left

I'm sure there's something I can do to get the desired behavior of picking
up where I left off without rehashing the first 2k files??

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