writefd_unbuffered failed (when writing to micro SD cards)

Christopher de Vidal cbdevidal.jk1 at gmail.com
Wed Apr 17 06:17:26 MDT 2013

I'm using rsync 3.0.9-1 in Cygwin to copy several directories to 32GB
micro SD cards in both WinXP and Win7.  I randomly get this error
message; Please help me to debug it: rsync: writefd_unbuffered failed
to write 127 bytes to socket [generator]: Broken pipe (32)

I'd first posted this to the Cygwin mailing list with no response
after almost two weeks (and sent a reminder after one week).

I've got rsync on an infinite while loop so it keeps retrying, and it
copies a little more each time, dying at different places each time.

It has happened on all of my SD cards and with multiple SD card
readers/tablets, copying from two different computers. The only
constant is the hard drive (moved from one computer to the other) but
it's not exhibiting other symptoms of early failure. The directories
are various sizes but one of the directories is only 231MB with 417
files/7 folders. The smallest file is only a few bytes and the largest
file is 109MB.

Sometimes it dies randomly and sometimes it dies on a specific file.
If I copy the file manually, it works. I opened the file and it shows
no signs of corruption after copying to the micro SD card. Also, the
micro SD card has a FAT32 filesystem.

Here's the command which syncs the 231MB directory:
rsync --modify-window=10 --recursive --times --verbose --delete
--timeout=10 --human-readable --progress --omit-dir-times
--no-compress --inplace --partial --bwlimit=1000
"Appropriate_technology" "/cygdrive/f/C"

I added --no-compress --inplace --partial --bwlimit=1000 after
searching Google. No good.

I have multiple commands like these for multiple directories. When I
put just this command in a loop by itself, it works, but when I put
multiple commands, one of them will randomly generate that error

My .bashrc and .bash_profile are untouched from the install, as are
/etc/bash.bashrc and /etc/profile, etc. I'm certain I haven't tweaked
my environment. Just a typical install.

Ran checkdisk on the drive before attempting again.

Cygwin setup version 2.774
Bash version 4.1.10-4
base-cygwin 3.1-1
cygwin 1.7.17-1
cygwin1.dll version 1.7.17
Windows 7 64-bit Service Pack 1
Intel E2200 2.20GHz Dual Core CPU
Not swapping or maxed CPU or anything.

Christopher de Vidal
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