[Bug 8838] rsync daemon chooses wrong destination place if space and the module name is part of it

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Sun Apr 14 20:08:22 MDT 2013


--- Comment #2 from Chris Dunlop <chris at onthe.net.au> 2013-04-15 02:08:20 UTC ---
It looks like the proposed fix may break this usage (from the
'ADVANCED USAGE' section of the man page):

  Older versions of rsync required using quoted spaces in the SRC, like
  these examples:

     rsync -av host:'dir1/file1 dir2/file2' /dest
     rsync host::'modname/dir1/file1 modname/dir2/file2' /dest

  This word-splitting still works (by default) in the latest rsync, but
  is not as easy to use as the first method.

Have you tested this?



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